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Tornado Strikes Boy Scout Camp in Iowa: 4 Dead, 40 Injured

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4 dead, 40 hurt as tornado slams into Iowa Boy Scout camp
By TIMBERLY ROSS, Associated Press

Last update: June 12, 2008 - 12:52 AM

BLENCOE, Iowa — A tornado tore through a Boy Scout camp in the remote hills of western Iowa on Wednesday, killing at least four people and injuring 40, and setting off a frantic search to reach others in the piles of debris and downed trees.

A search and rescue team deployed after the 7 p.m. twister had to cut their way through branches during a lightning storm to reach the camp where the 93 boys, ages 13 to 18, and 25 staff members were attending a weeklong leadership training camp.

"All of the buildings are gone; most of the tents are gone; most of the trees are destroyed," Lloyd Roitstein, president of the Boy Scouts of Mid-America Council, told CNN. "You've got 1,800 acres of property that are destroyed right now."
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How Does YOUR Troop Wear Them?

I didn't think there was a debate, since I can't recall having seen it done differently since collared uniforms replaced the v-neck olive shirts. But apparently there is, or was, some debate as to whether the neckerchief should be worn over or under the collar.

According to Chief Scout James E. West:

"We are anxious to have the co-operation of every Scout and Scout Official in making effective the regulations covering the Official Uniform, Insignia and Badges. To tolerate a conscious disregard for requirements, even in simple matters, breeds disrespect for law and order. When I have found boys wearing the neckerchief under instead of over the shirt collar, it developed that invariably the Scouts, and indeed their own Scoutmaster, did not understand the correct way of wearing the neckerchief. I am anxious that every Scout and Scout Official study the diagram, wear the neckerchief in the right way, and that he invite the attention of other fellows to the right way when he finds them wearing it wrong."

I personally disagree with him.. it's gotta be under the collar, but the uniform bylaws state over or under is fine.. clearly no one could make a decision on that one.. :)

so how about you?

Poll #1173977 BSA Neckerchief

How Does Your Troop Wear the Neckerchief?

Over the Collar
Under the Collar

Many interesting scouting with a neckerchief factoids found here.
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District "Rainoree" this weekend

Our district's spring camporee is this coming weekend at our local summer camp, Camp Bomazeen, on the shores of Great Pond of On Golden Pond fame up here in Maine.

As usual, it's going to rain in buckets. (chuckle) I am a district volunteer and a couple years ago, I got tired of others complaining that we should have a 'rain date' for our district events.

Well, I have two degrees in meteorology and for fun, I did some research. In summary, it don't matter what weekend we go, there's a VERY GOOD CHANCE that it will rain (or possibly snow). :)

The moral: Be Prepared

Personally, we need to drop the term "camporee" and use "rainoree" instead. :)

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Planning a Trip in the 5 Ponds Wilderness in The ADK.

I'm proposing a trip this summer with my scout troop threw the 5 ponds wilderness area in NY's Adirondack Park.  The goal is to hike from Wannakena to Virgin Timbers on Lows Lake.  Other then Cat mountain and High Falls is there any other good sites to see on our way.    We're looking to make the trip to be almost a week long in the summer.  Thanks.

May 9th is McHappy Day

Today, across Canada at all McDonald's location is McHappy Day.

For every Egg McMuffin, Happy Meal & BigMac sold, $1 will be given to your local children's charity.

Here in Toronto, that Charity is Ronald McDonald House.