Tanstaafl (ts_looney) wrote in boy_scouts,

Is it really a good deed if you have to wait for the press to show up and take pictures?

Last week, our Troop went to summer camp. One of the adult leaders who recently went through woodbadge, was organizing one of her ticket items. She wanted to take the Troop to her hometown and put flags on Veteran's graves in the small town's cemetary. Seems like a good thing for the scouts to do. The flags where bought, the local scout and cubs where notified, and the cemetary and the local Veteran's group knew we where coming. Yet this woman spent all week at camp composing e-mails and letters to get the local and state press to attend.

We left summer camp and drove to the small town. When we finally arrive, Some of the scout's were tired from a hard week at summer camp and really just wanted to go home. The woman in charge wanted us to wait until the press arrived before we started. As the cemetary was about 20 acres and it was approaching 90 degrees the other adults gave out the flags and sent the Scouts out to place flags. About an hour later, the woaman in charge started gathering up the scouts to feed them the promised lunch. She got about half of them and dropped them off at the pavilion with the hamburgers. She told the ones that wouldn't fit in her car that she would be right back for them. Then the press showed up. She went to go hobnob with the press. By the time the unfed scouts decided that they weren't being picked up and walked to the pavilion, the food had already been put away. Half our scouts and the local scouts went unfed. The lady in charge then spent the next hour or so hobnobbing with the press, calling over the boys who were working placing flags to get there picture taken. They had to walk all the way across the hot & sunny graveyard, stand next to her and then walk back to where they had left off. All of the other adults in the troop ignored her and kept placing flags.

It was a worthy cause, and the scouts that were there did a great job. There was a "Freedom Rider" who just happened to be going through that almost cried when he saw the scout's putting flags on the graves. I hope the project gives the local scouts a lot of service hours in the future. I just don't think it necessary to wait in the sun for the press, or even bother calling the press at all. I did it to honor veteran's not to impress the hometown friends of one of our (newest)adult leaders.

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