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CSPs are now too expensive for this Scouter to trade

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How does BSA National come-up with their current Council Shoulder Patch (CSP) pricing scheme? (Crests to my Canadian Scouting friends)

Why am I asking? ‘Cause the price of Maine’s two CSPs have gone through the roof in the past year compared to years before. Pine Tree Council’s CSP is fully embroidered and costs $4.50. Katahdin Area Council’s CSP is NOT fully embroidered $5.45—more than the PTC one!

These are two of the most expensive CSPs in the council scout shop, which is run by national. Some of the others run as low as $2.50.

I have also spoken to a local store that is an authorized BSA supplier and has PTC & KAC CSPs on hand. They, too, are not pleased with the sudden spike in CSP prices and have seen their scouting business drop-off. Apparently, I’m not the only CSP trader who is not happy with the spike in prices.

So, where is National coming up with their pricing scheme? There’s no logic here. Why do I think that?

Here’s a quick example. If you go to Stadri Patches, an authorized BSA supplier, they post right on their website what they charge scout groups to have patches made:


Prices are based on the average size of the patch. That’s found by measuring the width, adding the height and dividing by two. Your average CSP is roughly 5 inches by 2 inches. 5 + 2 = 7, 7 / 2 = 3.5 inches.

For simplicity sake, let’s assume the prices posted are the prices BSA National pays. They might receive a discount for all I know—and if they pay more than they’re not doing their homework nor putting the request out to bid to several authorized embroidery companies. Let’s assume they only order 300 at a time (most likely they order more). Looking at the chart, it costs them $1.05 per patch to make-up 300 Katahdin Area Council CSP and $1.15 to make-up 300 Pine Tree Council CSP. That’s a pretty hefty mark-up from national on these two: $3.35 for the PTC and $4.30 for the KAC.

Since a Scout is suppose to be Thrifty, I guess I’m done CSP trading for a while. I can’t afford to spend that kind of money to what seems like lining the pockets of National.

I welcome any insight on the logic (or illogic) of National’s CSP pricing scheme.
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Sorry about that...

Sorry about the troll hitting this forum. He's been reported and removed.

Strangely enough, part of my Woodbadge ticket is to build a display to teach the scouts about protecting oneself from internet bullies.
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Is it really a good deed if you have to wait for the press to show up and take pictures?

Last week, our Troop went to summer camp. One of the adult leaders who recently went through woodbadge, was organizing one of her ticket items. She wanted to take the Troop to her hometown and put flags on Veteran's graves in the small town's cemetary. Seems like a good thing for the scouts to do. The flags where bought, the local scout and cubs where notified, and the cemetary and the local Veteran's group knew we where coming. Yet this woman spent all week at camp composing e-mails and letters to get the local and state press to attend.

We left summer camp and drove to the small town. When we finally arrive, Some of the scout's were tired from a hard week at summer camp and really just wanted to go home. The woman in charge wanted us to wait until the press arrived before we started. As the cemetary was about 20 acres and it was approaching 90 degrees the other adults gave out the flags and sent the Scouts out to place flags. About an hour later, the woaman in charge started gathering up the scouts to feed them the promised lunch. She got about half of them and dropped them off at the pavilion with the hamburgers. She told the ones that wouldn't fit in her car that she would be right back for them. Then the press showed up. She went to go hobnob with the press. By the time the unfed scouts decided that they weren't being picked up and walked to the pavilion, the food had already been put away. Half our scouts and the local scouts went unfed. The lady in charge then spent the next hour or so hobnobbing with the press, calling over the boys who were working placing flags to get there picture taken. They had to walk all the way across the hot & sunny graveyard, stand next to her and then walk back to where they had left off. All of the other adults in the troop ignored her and kept placing flags.

It was a worthy cause, and the scouts that were there did a great job. There was a "Freedom Rider" who just happened to be going through that almost cried when he saw the scout's putting flags on the graves. I hope the project gives the local scouts a lot of service hours in the future. I just don't think it necessary to wait in the sun for the press, or even bother calling the press at all. I did it to honor veteran's not to impress the hometown friends of one of our (newest)adult leaders.
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Scout Scoop 2008 in Denmark

This information was passed along to me, so I am passing it along to my fellow Scouters...


Scout Scoop is an event arranged by the KFUM-Scouts in Denmark. The idea is a 100 % international camp held in Denmark with participants and staff from all over the world, so the camp language is English – as good as we know it! You can expect a camp for your life! The top of it all is of course that we are celebrating New Years Eve together, and with 50 scouts from all over the world, this evening will be unforgettable, but it’s not the only thing.

This year we will, among other things, have “an international evening”, a hike, a lot of traditional scout activities from all over the world, and then of course a lot of fun, surprises and a really, really great time.

The staff will arrange the programme, BUT there will also be plenty of space to join with your national activity or come up with other great stuff, if you feel like it…

We will sleep indoor at the scout centre, work in mixed patrols some of the time and a part of the staff will be in charge of the cooking – but it doesn’t mean that we perhaps don’t have to cook around a campfire or sleep in the snow one night (if we are lucky and getting snow this Christmas in Denmark).

When is it?

The event will start the 27th of December 2008 and end the 1st of January 2009.

What will it cost?

141 € or 1050 DDK.

JOIN US!!! Mail our national head office with your name, address, email and scout organization and we will get back to you! Looking forward to see you the 27th of December!

I attended Scout Scoop during the 2001-2002 winter break. It is an absolute fantastic trip for older scouts who are looking to broaden their horizons in scouting. I am still in touch with several scouts I met nearly 7 years ago.

If you or someone you know is interested in attending, let me know and I will get them in touch with the organizers. They are extremely helpful in making arrangements for scouts to get to the camp.

Some cool collectable Boy Scout books.

My father was a Boy Scout memorabilia collector, and I just found these cool books on Ebay for any collectors out there. These are some really old books, and I think its a pretty cool find! There are four of them, interspersed with the other things.

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Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Persecuted

x-posted to a couple scouting communities..

Unfortunately this is currently only available to National Review subscribers. Hopefully it'll be open to the public soon and available elsewhere. Major thanks to garylee8604 for sharing the article with me! And note below the OA cited in the article is the National Honor Society I was just inducted into.. and yet this is the organization that the ACLU and their ilk have in their cross hairs.. and won't rest until they destroy. Also see here for a post about a great book chronicling this battle.. and don't be mistaken - it is a battle of epic proportion..

Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Persecuted

Across the country, the Boy Scouts are under attack

The Boy Scouts of America have been dragged onto the front lines of the culture wars. “It started 20 years ago with lawsuits complaining girls and atheists were being excluded,” says Robert Bork Jr., spokesman for the BSA in Washington and son of the former Supreme Court nominee. “Then there were the homosexual cases, culminating in the Supreme Court’s Dale decision in 2000, which ruled that as a private organization, the Scouts were entitled to choose their own members. The American Civil Liberties Union lost, but has been trying ever since to have the Scouts expelled from the public square.”
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Boy Scout Television


Starting today, the BSA has released a show called "Scouting for Adventure". It's on the Outdoor Channel (check your cable/satellite schedule for details)

The episodes were filmed at national high adventure bases and Scout camps across the country.

From here:
Scouting for Adventure is an original series based on the Boy Scouts of America and their flagship magazine, Boy’s Life. This high-adventure show targets young outdoorsmen, teaching wilderness skills with an emphasis on safety and team-building. Episodes feature exciting activities like rock climbing, kayaking, scuba diving, ropes courses, backpacking, horse riding, canoeing, and whitewater rafting; and cover important outdoor Scouting topics, including safety tips, gear reviews, merit badges, conservation, campfire cooking, and knot tying. The show promotes awareness of the Boy Scouts of America and its scouting values and activities.

You may be able to watch it online, but I have not been able to do so..

Info on Boys' Life's website is here.